Our proceeding


Internal product training of our staff at our partners

Analysis of competitor situation internal and external

Early recognition of turnover potentionals / new orders by constant presence at the end customer in departments Procurement, Research & Development, Testing, Laboratory and Logistics with main focus on productgroups engine, gearing, chassis, interieur and exterieur

Presentation of technical or economical advantages to selected decision makers of end customer

Specific support of project work and product development by constant present and link-up-function


1) Concept Phase

Take up contact with development partner

First discussion with development and procurement about possible collaboration

Coordination of development

Transmission of data and responsibilities

Strategic discussions with decision makers

2) Quotation and Order Placement

Examination of competitiveness

Influence on decision making process

Agreement on our partner as development and series supplier at end customer

3) Development Phase

Accompany project internal / external

Transmission of data

Change management

Accompany development up to series release

4) Start-Up and Series Phase

Regular contacts to QS and Logistics

Change management

Always the same contact partner at end customer